About Us

The revolution of indoor grow lights has arrived. 

Genergi launched its grow light division after years of research and experience in the LED lighting industry. As the medical marijuana industry and the indoor grow market gained momentum, Genergi saw the need for a comprehensive line of spectrum grow lights that offered the same benefits of traditional LED lighting. 

Genergi's Foldable and Spider series of grow fixtures produce higher than normal yields using just 600 to 800 watts of power – half the energy of HPS or metal halide lights. You can fine tune the light spectrum and program internal timers all with the push of a button. Additionally, using passive cooling technology our lamps are cool to the touch so they can be placed within inches of your plants, which is great for climate control and vertical farming. 

Whether you are a home grower for personal consumption or a professional grower with thousands of square feet of growing space, we invite you to check out our full line of LED grow light solutions.