Vegetative Grow Room Guide

Vegetative Grow Room Guide

What Is A Vegetative Room?

When your plants are in the vegetative stage of growth, they will begin to grow quickly. When this stage begins is determined by the origin of your plants. If you're using clones to grow, you'll need to give them time to create a strong root system before placing them into a vegetative chamber. Plants produced from seeds can be transferred after growing leaves and establishing their root systems, which takes around 2-3 weeks. In vegetative rooms, the lighting might vary, although most farmers strive for a PPFD of 300-600 mol/m2/s. It's possible to over-light plants during the vegetative stage, resulting in nutrient burn. During the vegetative stage, some growers choose to use grow lights with more blue light in their spectrum, as this has been shown to make plants shorter and stockier with larger leaves. Growers frequently designate rooms to the vegetative stage of growth. That manner, when the current crop in their flower room is harvested, their next crop will be ready to take its place. The layout and structure of these rooms might differ significantly according to on the grower's demands and preferences.


Single-level Vegetative Grows

Single-level vegetative grows are set up so that all of the plants are at the same height and have lights strung above them. This growth method has the advantage of allowing cultivators to observe all of their plants at once. This makes it easier to assess the health of their plants and track their progress. Additionally, this growing method lowers light spillage. When photons produced by your grow lights miss the plant canopy and do not produce photosynthesis, light spillage is known. This problem is particularly noticeable near the canopy's edge, where there are no extra plants to absorb light projected at an angle. More of your fixtures are positioned away from the edge of the canopy with a single-level "sea of green" plant arrangement, resulting in less wasted light.

There are two fixtures offered by Genergi that can be used for single-level vegetative grow rooms. For smaller rooms or for crops that do not require as much light, check out our 600W Spider LED Grow Light. These grow lights are extremely energy efficient and produce just the right amount of light to help plants through their vegetative stage. They are perfect for smaller vegetative spaces due to their modest size.

Our 800W Foldable LED Grow Light might be a better fit for larger vegetative environments. The high light output of this fixture is intended for flowering stages, although it can also be used for vegetative stages. The light produced by these lamps is diffused over a broader area by installing them higher above the canopy than they are during the blossoming period. When the same amount of light is dispersed over a larger area, the intensity of the light falling on the canopy is reduced to a level suited for a vegetative plant. If the amount of light falling on your canopy is still too much for the plants, these fixtures can be dimmed until they are at a comfortable level. Dimming the grow lamp lowers both its light output and its energy consumption.

​Multi-level Vegetative Grows

Multi-level grows can be an excellent way to maximize the amount of growing space available for growers with limited space. Plant canopies are stacked vertically utilizing racks in this type of cultivation. Low-profile LED grow lights are placed directly above each layer of plants on the rack. Traditional HID fixtures using HPS or CMH lamps will burn plants if positioned so near to the canopy, so this method of cultivation can only be accomplished with LED grow lights. Many facilities wish to dedicate their larger rooms to plants in the flowering stage, hence this is a frequent design for vegetative rooms. The Foldable Grow Light is the perfect fixture for this application. This fixture has a very low profile, making it excellent for vertical grows where space between each layer of the grow rack is restricted. The lower profile allows for more layers per rack while still maintaining correct spacing between your grow lights and each canopy.


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